Does my insurance company really want to pay my claim?

Absolutely! Most insurance companies pride themselves on helping their insured. The rub comes in when an unscrupulous contractor asks you to file a claim when it is not necessary. If an adjuster comes to your property does not find enough damage, it seems like the insurance company is denying something you are entitled to. In reality the false expectation is created on by a door to door solicitor.

Should I always expect a roof replacement after a damaging storm?

Depends. Many newer roofing products are more resistant to damage. If you have had a roof replacement in the last 5 years, then you may have no damage or the damage can be repaired without replacing the complete roof. It’s always best to let a trusted and qualified inspector provide you with an evaluation on the scope and severity of damage, before starting a claim. Your agent should be able to provide a recommendation for a competent inspector.

How do I know if the insurance company gave me enough funds to make the proper repairs?

Your restoration contractor should be your advocate, working closely with your insurance claim department to insure you receive full funding for your restoration.

Some contractors are offering to pay or “take care” of my deductible. Is this the right thing to do?

In Colorado, It is considered insurance fraud for a contractor to pay your deductible. If your contractor is asking you to participate in fraud by not paying your deductible, then would you be surprised when they don’t deliver what they promise? Also, contractors that offer to cover your deductible for you often have to cut corners by using inferior products and poorly trained and uninsured installers.

Is there a time limit in which I have to file a claim?

You can have months to over a year. Don’t respond to the high pressure roofing sales person who is saying you will lose your rights if you don’t file today. Simply contact your agent directly to find out. Get the right restoration, not a quick, sloppy one.

I’m getting pressure from a roofing sales person who wants me to turn in a claim to them right now and not talk to my insurance agent first. What should I do?

Just say no. Do not give your personal information to these folks. They do not have your best interest at heart. They are commissioned sales people and only make money when they make a sale. Turning in an unnecessary claim can cost you in the long run. Contact your agent to discuss your options.

How do I know I am getting the correct products for my property?

This is where the right contractor makes all the difference. They will know and educate you on the right products for your home and neighborhood. If you have HOA requirements, your contractor will provide you with the correct product options. Product warranty knowledge is also important as some manufactures will not honor their warranties if they are matched with other manufacturers products.

What should my warranty cover?

A good contractor will warranty both material and labor for a specified amount of time depending on the material. This is an important reason to have a local contractor who will be available if there are warranty issues. Out of area contractors are rarely able to address warranty problems once they have left our area.

Where do the installers go to the bathroom?

A reliable contractor will place a portable toilet at the job site for the use of the crews.

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